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A pair of sunglass can be used to play it cool. At the same time, it is a way to block the sun’s rays glasses. Chrome Hearts Sunglasses, it is also known as the Labor Insurance supplies to protect the eyes in bright light. Wearing such lenses can block ultraviolet and infrared, while the color of the external environment does not change, it is only the change in light intensity, as if cloudy, cool, comfortable feeling.

Strong sunlight contains ultraviolet and infrared, it may damage the eye’s cornea, lens, and even the eyes, wearing a pair of Chrome Hearts Sunglasses, you can block or absorb some of the light, reducing the stimulation of the eyes. In recent years, due to the importance we place on health, many people in the hot summer months when they go out, like to wear sunglasses to reduce the stimulation of the sun, it was also like to think of it as many different types of decorative Chrome Hearts Sunglasses should be based on different needs to choose.

The color glass Sunglasses: it mainly rely on itself to reduce sunlight intensity of the absorption of light. Different colored glass compound, it is made of different colors of sunglasses, they absorb different wavelengths of light.

Glass coating sunglasses: the layer of metal plating film on glass lenses rely on lenses to protect the eyes the reflection of sunlight.

Discolored glass glasses: it is usually in the room is a colorless, transparent, and exposure to the sun, and it soon become gray or other colors. The color of the glasses can be changed automatically with the strength of the sun deep or shallow. This is due to the mirror of the film by adding a small amount of silver halide as a photosensitive agent, it trace amounts of copper for the sake of the sensitizer. This automatic is adjustment of light and dark lenses made of the degree of vision correction lenses can grind,it is suitable for using in patients with myopia and hyperopia. It is unfortunately degrees can not exceed ± 3 diopters (commonly known as 300 degrees), because the degree and then a big, significant differences between the center and edge thickness, greatly different color shades glasses.

Transparent plastic lens: plastic spectacle lens is coated with a certain color, UV protection role, but the poor performance of the anti-infrared. From cool perspective, it is not as good as glass lenses, wearing summer unfit.

Crystal lenses: it can not block the infrared and ultraviolet. The color crystal lens performance is not as the glass lenses. Some one said the crystal lens does not hurt the eyes, it is refreshing raising projects unfounded. The long-term human is living in the sun, the eye has to adapt to the surrounding environment, in daily life without protection. It often work outdoors,and it wearing a pair of sunglasses is beneficial, but you can select according to the nature of the work environment. The sunglasses as a piece of jewelry, regardless of the occasion location, such as at dusk or at night,go to the party or the report will, it is still wearing glasses, not only uncivilized courtesy, but also increase the burden on the eyes, but not conducive to the health of the eye.

Eyes and skin by the strong Ying perimeter, injury tolerance,it is prolonged exposure to the sun increases the risk of cataracts. Therefore, when selecting Chrome Hearts Sunglasses,you can consider its UV over function, to send the stronger with better protection. Many people think that the Spectacle lens of Chrome Hearts Sunglasses is rather color the deeper and it is more able to avoid the sun irritation is not the case. The deeper Shun color lens wearing is cut by late holes to put the greater, so if it is not Ying perimeter filtering function, lossing of eye tolerance will be greater. National quality standards for Chrome Hearts Sunglasses: through ultraviolet is above 95 cage; transmittance should be about 5% -30%, bilateral lens quite uniform color and the entire exclusive is not more than 5%, depending on the object without deformation , comfortable and beautiful.

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