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ISCOW (international standard certification online workshop) is a certification company that validates businesses, and protects customers from fraud. Customers will happily invest, purchase products and work with certified companies. With increasing number of ecommerce websites and development of online business, there is increasing chance of fraud with customers who purchase products from ecommerce websites.

Certifying business also has its benefits, and customers will trust certified businesses, which will encourage the growth of online business. ISCOW help businesses to build confidence in customers who reach them through different means such as phone, internet and mail. With internet reaching to far corners of the world, people are now adapting the new trend of online shopping through online stores or web shop. The web shop has wide range of products with prices and complete details, and the price of the product is deducted from customers account. But before a customer purchase anything from the store, the customer will always want to verify that the store is authentic, and is certified by reputable certification company or authority.

ISCOW certify online web shop business and companies, which comply with national and international laws, and regulations. The web shop should also comply with laws and regulations of ecommerce business, similar to shopping stores. A web shop may have different set of laws and regulations, formed by regulatory authorities. ISCOW makes sure that the applicant is complying with all laws and regulations, and the business will receive certification on meeting all the requirements.

ISCOW primarily looks for five main aspects of business, which are product quality, fast delivery of product, secure payment, service quality and protection of customer rights. In fact, these five points should be adhered by all online businesses. The best and easiest way to apply for ISCOW certification is to register online at The applicant will receive a welcoming package that contains all necessary documents and forms. The welcoming package will guide the applicant about policies and factors, which ISCOW looks for in a business. On receiving satisfying results from the applicant, the business will be certified by ISCOW. The ISCOW has a fixed cost for complete certification process.

The has complete detail about different kinds of certification programs, designed for different kinds of businesses. Most of these programs have similar factors for successful certification but have different set of laws and regulations, which depends upon the nature of the business. For instance, B2B business is given CIWB certification, and it is designed to protect the rights of online customers. The CIWB certification has different polices against CIW. A certified web shop gives business a star of trust, and it allows its customers to be confident while purchasing products from the web shop.

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