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Education in every society is more than necessary. Without proper education, a human cannot survive in the competitive society; less education means more worries and difficult life. In order to live a comfortable life one must at least obtain high school diploma.  Earning potential increases with the qualification however your occupation also increases your earning potential.

Low Paying Careers

According to the survey, the minimum salary ranged recorded in 2011, was between $5 and $7 per hour, obviously lower occupational jobs do not offer that much salary to a high school diploma holder. Some of the low paying jobs that require diploma are childcare workers who earn about $18,000 per year, protective services works like lifeguards and recreational services earn about 17,000 per year, Personal home care workers make $17,500 per year while cashiers earn an approximately $17,200 annually. However, Earnings can be varied from service to service or home to home in home care services.

Top Paying Careers

If you do not have a college degree, then luck also plays a vital part in your amount of earnings but you must as a minimum get high school diploma to allow your luck and opportunities to open up. Maximum earnings that high school diploma holders can earn varied on your kind of job for example the career builder website suggests that high school graduates can obtain on-the-job training and earn between $48,000 and $58,900 per year. In order to attain more suitable income one must also learn other skills with diploma like a diploma holder can learn computer programming, software engineering or one can learn how to become a cook. The City Town Info website offers list of jobs and reports that high school graduates without college degrees can earn up to $117,240 per year as air traffic controllers but income can be varied.

Overall Average

Although it is not impossible to earn a six- figure salary without college degree but you have to really work hard in order to make it possible. You also need to obtain special skills or training for earning better but having high school diploma is way better than not having it.


Earning high school diploma is a basic requirement these days; you cannot find an appropriate job without it. Earning a degree can advance your career and earning potential. If you are a working adult and have not earned your diploma yet, you must go for online high school programs; these programs are suitable for you as you can study online and take examinations online. Earning diploma from home is now possible, earn your diploma online and avail many opportunities like better jobs and college education. Do not waste your time, earn it now.

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