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Windows 7 comes with many great security features. You can set a strong login password to protect your computer data from prying eyes. You can also create a Windows 7 password reset disk to avoid the troubles when you forgot Windows 7 password. You can even enable the parental control feature to manage and monitor your kid’s online activity. Here’s going to show you how to enable parental control in Windows 7.

Steps to enable parental control in Windows 7

Setting up parental control in Windows 7 allow s you to set specific time limits on your children’s computer use, prevent your children from playing games you don’t want them to play, and keep your children from running specific programs.

Step 1. Open Parental Controls window. To do this, go to Start button -> Control Panel -> under User Accounts and Family Safety, and then click Set up parental controls for any user under User Accounts and Family Safety.‌‌

Note: Administrator permission is required If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Step 2. Click the standard user account that you want to set Parental Controls for.

You can click Create a new user account to set up a new account if there’s no standard user account.

Step 3. Click On Under Parental Controls and enforce current settings.

Step 4. Once the Parental Controls for your child’s standard user account is enabled, you can adjust the following individual settings that you want to control:

Time limits – This feature allows you to set time limits to control when your children are allowed to use the computer.

Games – This feature allows you to control access to games, choose an age-rating level and the types of content you want to block, and decide whether you want to allow or block unrated or specific games.

Allow or block specific programs – This feature allows you to prevent your children from running programs that you don’t want them to run.

Free software for parental control

In addition to the Windows 7 feature, there’re many third-party tools professionally designed for parental control.

1. Kidzui

Kidzui is safe, free parental control software that lets your children access games, videos and content approved by you (the parents). It takes up the entire screen by default, hiding the Windows interface so that children don’t wander off elsewhere on your computer. This parental control software comes in the form of a web browser for kids. It’s really a good choice if you want to set up a hassle-free, safe and educational window to the web for your children.

2. Pikluk

Pikluk is another great free parental control tool that lets you to create list of websites that you deem suitable for your kids. Like Kidzui, this program also gives your kids a safe way to access educational websites, games and all the usual features. What differs is that this program allows you to create a Pikluk email address for your children as well as a white list of users they are allowed to communicate with. Any email to or from anyone not on the list will be blocked.

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