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A lot of people are conscientious about how they look so they often have plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is now one of the most common surgeries that are being performed. To battle the aging process and attempt to keep looking good, the Aerosmith rock star, Steven Tyler, has gone under the knife numerous times. This article discusses some of these many Steven Tyler plastic surgery.

The earliest known Steven Tyler plastic surgery would be Botox injections. While it may not be the plastic surgery that is the most popular among celebrities, it really is a very effective way to revitalize an aging face and keep an appearance youthful, while eliminating facial wrinkles. Steven Tyler readily admits to smoking cigarettes and using alcohol which causes one to age more quickly. Abusing these substances had made his face sag and his skin became really dull.

Because Steven Tyler is in the public spot light he used Botox to keep a youthful appearance so he could still attract younger fans Botox has certainly refreshed Steven Tyler’s face. There are still a few wrinkles on Steven Tyler’s face but all in all he appears to be more radiant and his face is tighter. Rock star Steven Tyler who appeared to be a seventy-year old man now looks like he is fifty years old. The fans like his refreshed appearance.

Steven Tyler plastic surgery has made a transformation to his entire appearance. The main reason for the change in his looks has been having a number of plastic surgeries. There appears to be a remarkable difference when you compare older pictures of him to newer ones. He had lip injections making lips look wider than they originally had been. He does admit the Botox has made his forehead smoother and reduced his facial wrinkles.

Steven Tyler did have a throat surgery. There was a liposuction surgery that he had that caused hime to become unusually thin. There are rumors that he may have also had a cosmetic surgery of the nose. Although no evidence exists that he did have a rhinoplasty, people seem to think his nose appears different.

Although Steven Tyler underwent many plastic surgeries which caused a dramatic change to his appearance, the results did not entirely provide him with satisfaction. He didn’t get the look he sought after.

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