Mar 262012

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is search engine advertising that allows you to display your ads free of charge. However, you have to pay a pre-determined amount once your ad is clicked by a search engine visitor. Heres is a guide on Pay per Click services:

What is pay per click service?

PPC service is typically offered by an online marketing company. It involves researching high-paying keywords on behalf of clients and then bidding on these based on clients budgets. You may have seen the “sponsored links” on a Google search engine results page – these are the pay per click advertisements. Nothing is charged to display these, however, the client has to pay a pre-determined charge (i.e., the bid amount) when a search engine visitor clicks on his ad. Nothing else is charged other than the bid amount. Higher bids result in the ad appearing at the top.

Do PPC ads make a good advertising strategy?

Yes they do. Even if the ad is not clicked on, it can appear alongside the top search results and that can dramatically increase brand recall. If the keywords are carefully chosen, if the campaign is well-structured and well-managed, and if the ads are well written, theres no doubt that a pay per click service can help you get 1:1 returns. There are many companies that spend millions of dollars on PPC campaigns every month. PPC advertising is for the smart and savy Internet businesses.

Does one PPC ad do the trick?

No. A PPC campaign must evolve. Multiple PPC ads must be released and tested to know what works best. Then, as the company gains market knowledge, the subsequent campaigns can be fine-tuned and the ads can be made more focused.

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