Mar 232012

Hey its Steven

Got something special for you – today only! . There is nothing for sale here!

Straight to point. I needed to make money online fast.. so I desperately bought all the make money online plans I could find. Over 200 of them eventually.

All too complicated, too much work and too slow….nothing worked. I got pissed.

Now I was desperate and I had to find my way out of this situation. I had to find my own way to make money online QUICKLY and EASILY.

I took a couple of ideas from all the stuff I had bought and combined them in a brand new, specific but simple way. Its not rocket science – but it WORKS.

WTF !!??- Next I got tons of emails from paypal saying “Notification of payment received”!!
Pages and pages of messages from paypal all saying the same thing “Notification of payment received”.

Payments from $4.50 to $25 and even some as high as $34.00 – all automatic. Yes – whole pages of messages at a time.

Now I get money paid directly into my PayPal account all day, every day, seven days a week – and I do NOTHING. It never stops!

Now Im gonna show you exactly how to copy my simple system and start making money online BY 3.45 THIS AFTERNOON.

Designed for the sole purpose getting money into YOUR paypal account QUICKLY and EASILY.

I know what it feels like to have my hopes raised and then be disappointed. This is one of the reasons I want to share my simple plan with you.

Money is not an issue. My plan is not for sale!

Im gonna literally give it to YOU today, only today… simply because I want to share it.

Miss it today and its gone forever. Sorry if you were too late.

Sincere best wishes


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