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Why you should never joke about characters dying in The Hunger Games

By tinakcampbell

(Picture: YouTube / Lionsgate)

Warning: Spoilers ahead


There are some things in this world that you just don’t joke about bubble shooter.

Kittens getting stuck in trees being one and you most certainly don’t joke about characters being killed off in The Hunger Games – well, you don’t if you’re this woman.

Meet Sydney. She got VERY upset when she went to the cinema to see the latest instalment of the Jennifer Lawrence starring franchise, fell asleep before the end, and was then told by friends (for a joke) that a key character had died.

Explaining the scenario further, YouTuber Zachary McDonald, said: ‘So my friend, Madeline and I, decided to tell our bestfriend, Sydney, that Peeta Mellark died in the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I movie.

Not Peeta! (Picture: YouTube / Lionsgate)

‘She fell asleep half way into the movie and didn’t finish it, so she believed it. After convincing her that he died and then convincing her that he didn’t, we decided to tell her he did die… Again…’

Clearly the poor Sydney is grief-stricken – she has mascara streaming down her face!

‘You love it that much?,’ he ‘pals’ ask.

To which she responds: ‘Yeah! I love his blond hair. Oh, my, god!’

They continue in-between her sobs: ‘Are you really that upset?’

There are just no words.

Turn that frown upside down Syd. At least you’ve got plenty of time to prepare and catch up on some kip before the final instalment of Hunger Games is released next year when Peeta may – or may not – die…

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