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For many people who want to stay looking young, plastic surgery is a great option. Plastic surgery has grown to be one of the most requested surgeries. To battle the aging process and attempt to keep looking good, the Aerosmith rock star, Steven Tyler, has gone under the knife numerous times. Keep reading to find out more about Steven Tyler plastic surgery.

The first Steven Tyler plastic surgery was Botox surgery. It could be that this surgery isn’t the popular surgery performed on famous people, it does help to keep you looking younger by refreshing an aging face and removing any facial wrinkles. Steven Tyler affirmed that he has used cigarettes and alcohol causing him to age faster. It has caused his skin to appear dull and his face to sag.

Because he was a star, Steven Tyler felt Botox injections were necessary so he could retain his younger fan base Undoubtedly a younger looking Steven Tyler appeared after having Botox injections. By using Botox his face is tighter and shows more radiance even though some wrinkles on his face still remain. Rock star Steven Tyler who appeared to be a seventy-year old man now looks like he is fifty years old. The fans like his refreshed appearance.

Steven Tyler plastic surgery completely changed the way he looked. What has mainly effected his appearance was the many plastic surgeries he underwent. The difference is apparent when one compares earlier photos of him to current ones. Lip injections were performed on him making his lips wider than they previously were. He readily admits Botox has caused his forehead to become smoother and had caused a reduction in his facial wrinkles.

Additionally Steven Tyler had throat surgery. There was a liposuction surgery that he had that caused hime to become unusually thin. There were some rumors he had a rhinoplasty. While there isn’t enough evidence he really did have a nose job, people seem to think his nose appears different.

Whilst Steven Tyler went through a number of plastic surgeries which changed his appearance, he wasn’t satisfied. He did not end up looking like he wanted to.

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