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When Was The Last Time Cricket Suspended For This Long Duration

As the storm of Coronavirus has stopped the normal living around the world it has also stopped all the sporting events around the world. How hard it is going for the follower of a particular sport at this time of the global issue, but for humanity, it was a necessary step which every cricket board took on the time as a precautionary method.

Since the inception of Test cricket in 1877, just two circumstances came before this one when the cricket matches were suspended globally and it was when the World War I and World War II took place from 1914 – 1918 and 1939 – 1945.

During World War I the first-class cricketers joined the ranks of the British Army to fight in the war. Around 210 cricketers or more joined the British Army. At that time other countries also took precautionary measures and suspended cricket.

  • West Indies: 14 March 1913 to 5 February 1920
  • England: 2 September 1914 to 12 May 1919
  • Australia: 19 February 1915 to 26 December 1918
  • New Zealand: 2 April 1915 to 25 December 1917
  • South Africa: 11 April 1914 to 18 October 1919

During World War II one more time the cricket suffered but this time partly as not all the matches were suspended. At the time of both, the World War tournaments like Ranji and Bombay Pentangular in India continued without interruptions.

    • England: 2 September 1939 to 18 May 1945
    • Australia: 2 December 1941 to 22 November 1945
    • India: No break-in first-class cricket
    • West Indies: National tournaments cancelled
    • South Africa: National tournaments cancelled
    • New Zealand: National tournaments cancelled

So due to the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, this is the 3rd time cricket is suspended. Here’s the list of Cricket Matches and Series cancelled or postponed due to Coronavirus (Covid-19):

  1. South Africa tour of India, 2020 (ODI’s)
  2. New Zealand tour of Australia, 2020 (ODI’s and T20I’s)
  3. England tour of Sri Lanka, 2020 (Test)
  4. Bangladesh tour of Pakistan, 2020 (ODI and Test)
  5. Indian Premier League is also postponed to mid-April, earlier it was scheduled to start from 29th March.
  6. PSL Semi-Finals and Final matches.
  7. Road Safety World Series T20 2020
  8. BCCI suspends all domestic matches
  9. Australian Women’s tour of South Africa, 2020 (ODI’s and T20I’s)
  10. Ireland tour of Zimbabwe (ODI’s and T20I’s)

No one knows from when the cricket freaks will be able to watch live cricket but at this point of the time, one can only hope for things to recover as soon as possible and pray for humanity.

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