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Automate FTP and SFTP Transfers to Exchange Data Securely

The FTP protocol has been the standard for exchanging digital files
across computer networks for around four decades. It remains the
standard way to access the files that make up your website, content
management systems and virtually any other web-connected resource. The
problem is that most FTP clients are difficult to work with to the
extent the experience is typically nothing like working with files and
folders stored on the local machine. When you’re regularly updating
your website or online app by connecting on an FTP server, it won’t be
long before you end up wasting a huge amount of time. It’s also
important not to forget the risk of human error, which is all the more
likely to occur with tedious and repetitive tasks such as when you’re
trying to update lots of files and folders over a remote server. The
conventional FTP clients, with their clunky and unresponsive
interfaces and connectivity issues, make that almost impossible.

Synchronize Information Securely Between Networks

As every web developer knows, it’s extremely important to keep your
content management system and other web assets up to date. If you
forget to update everything, you risk leaving your website open to an
attack or technical failure. While many updates can be installed from
within the administrator dashboard, certain things like website themes
and plugins, particularly the premium ones, usually need to be
installed manually. There are many other situations where you might
need to upload files to an FTP server, including data backup and
disaster recovery. Sometimes, you might want to share files between
remote employees using an FTP server. Whatever your reason, you need a
secure and dependable method of doing that, and that’s not going to
happen if you’re relying on a conventional FTP client. While these
basic freeware clients are sometimes sufficient enough for a one-off
job, any kind of regular work with FTP or SFTP servers requires a
solution that’s both automated and centrally controlled.

FTPGetter 3 Professional provides a centralized console that lets you
set up scheduled tasks before leaving it to securely move or
synchronize files between your local computer and a remote network.
For example, it can check for new file creations or modifications in
specified folders once per hour or once per day. You choose which
folders and file types the program should monitor, as well as how
frequently it should check them. Using the wizard-driven interface,
setting up a new task typically takes a few minutes, and the
application will take care of everything else for you. More advanced
users will have plenty of powerful functions at their disposal too,
such as a terminal emulator and the ability to write custom scripts
for more complex tasks. Other features that will benefit all users
include batch file processing and support for file masks. For
beginners and experts alike FTPGetter 3 Professional provides an
instantly familiar interface combined with high-end functionality that
makes working with FTP and SFT servers a breeze. Check out
https://www.ftpgetter.com/ today and automate FTP and SFTP transfers
right away.

Author info:
Vladimir Davidenko

FTPGetter Professional helps manage data transfer workflow and
automate FTP and SFTP transfer tasks by taking control of uploading
and downloading files and folders.

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