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When it comes to disk utilities, there’s literally an application for
just about every conceivable purpose. There’s no shortage of backup
and recovery software, performance optimization tools, security
solutions and more. It’s easy to end up being spoiled by choice and
installing so many applications on your computer that it ends up being
counterproductive. Active@ Live CD aims to change that by providing a
fully consolidated range of utilities that run in their own operating
environment without relying on the operating system installed on the
computer. In fact, there’s nothing stopping you from booting up from
the CD or USB drive even when you have no primary OS installed on the
machine. This makes Active@ Live CD the ideal tool when it comes to
performing various low-level tasks such as data recovery and secure
data deletion.

Enjoy a User-Friendly Graphical Interface

Most of us are familiar with the tired stereotype of the so-called
computer expert endlessly tapping away commands on a screen. While the
command line interface still has its uses in certain applications (and
there’s one with Active@ Live CD as well), most people are familiar
with a graphical user interface. Based on the latest KDE5, a popular
graphical environment that’s often used for Linux-based operating
systems, Active@ Live CD provides ease of use with highly advanced
functionality under the hood. The new edition, launched on January
31st, 2019, also comes with updated versions of every core tool
including KillDisk 11.1, UNDELETE 15, Partition Recovery 18, Disk
Editor 7, Password Changer 9 and Disk Backup 2. There’s also an
improved boot disk creator for Windows, allowing you to download the
software and create your bootable operating system disk in no time.

Backup and Disaster-Recovery Made Easy

When it comes to backing up your computer, there’s no better way to do
it than by using a disk-imaging utility that makes a complete
byte-by-byte copy of all the data on the disk. This way, you can be
sure that there will be nothing that gets left forgotten about.
Furthermore, a disk image comes in very useful for recovery purposes,
since you can simply extract it onto any other hard drive with the
necessary capacity and get back to work right away. This is also
useful if you’re upgrading or replacing your hard drive, or you want
to move your operating system, programs and documents over to a new
computer without having to spend hours doing everything manually. If
you don’t have a backup, however, Active@ Live CD can even help you
recover deleted files and partitions, even if the drive has been
formatted. Because it works in its own operating environment, it
doesn’t modify anything on the disk you’re trying to recover data from

Disk Sanitation for Added Peace of Mind

On the other hand, if you’re selling or donating your computer, then
you probably don’t want people being able to recover the data. With
the included Active@ KillDisk, you can overwrite everything with zeros
to ensure that any data on the device can never be recovered.

Get started with Active@ LiveCD today at http://www.livecd.com/ .

Author info:
Serge Dutton

Serge Dutton is a data-recovery expert who regularly uses specialized
software to recover data from physically damaged hard drives and other
storage devices.

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