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Photo Face Recognition with a Creative Photo Editor

Whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or a long-time professional,
making an impact on your industry will be a whole lot easier if you
have the right tools at your disposal. For photographers, that means
having a creative photo editor that provides unrivalled performance
and reliability. It’s not all about investing the best camera—you
also need a way to let your skills truly shine. Furthermore, choosing
the right software solutions can save you countless hours of hard
work. If, however, you are using lots of different programs, then
you’ll probably end up spending much more time flipping between
different windows to get an otherwise basic task done. A much better
solution is to have a program that can do everything you need, from
managing your entire photo collection to editing RAW photos as they
were taken by the camera. ACDSee Ultimate is ACD System’s top-tier
creative photo editor, offering native support for a huge selection of
RAW camera photos and photo face recognition as standard.

ACDSee Ultimate was developed to augment and supercharge your
creativity without getting in the way, as many other solutions do.
It’s built to align with your workflow and your preferred working
environment. This means it’s extensively customizable and suitable for
a wide range of users, including practical amateurs and highly
experienced professionals alike. The user experience is such that it
empowers you to work more efficiently at every stage of your routine,
instead of bombarding you with features you don’t need. That’s why the
program features three separate operation modes—asset management,
editing, and viewing. Manage mode gives you the tools you need to
manage photo collections of any complexity and size, and assign
hierarchical metadata to them to make it easier to search. Edit mode
lets you work with RAW camera formats in addition to all the standard
photo formats you’re ever likely to encounter. Finally, View mode
gives you an unfettered view of the photos in your collection. This
edition also comes with a more advanced fourth mode—Develop mode
unlocks powerful additional functions and allows you to automate
entire processes, no matter their complexity.

Developers at ACD Systems are constantly reviewing user feedback to
build a creative photo editor that gets better with every release. Not
only does ACDSee Ultimate provide full facial recognition to help you
easily find photos containing the same people; it also supports a
constantly increasing array of different formats. The latest version
adds support for many new camera models from popular brands like
Fujifilm, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, and Sony. It also
ships with many tweaks and improvements, including greater control
over the accuracy of the facial recognition feature and the ability to
re-run recognition tasks with a single click. Also included are
numerous minor bug fixes and improvements to make your experience
better than ever before.

If you’re looking for a versatile solution for managing, viewing, and
editing your rapidly growing photo collection, ACDSee Ultimate
provides the feature set you need without being unnecessarily
complicated. Try it out today by visiting
https://www.acdsee.com/en/products/photo-studio-ultimate .

Author info:
Jamie Atkins

Jamie Atkins is an experienced photographer and graphic designer who
relies on creative photo software and photo face recognition as part
of his everyday routine.

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