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Revitalize a Slow Computer with System Mechanic Free

Computers are evolving all the time. Speed and reliability are light
years ahead of what they were just a decade ago. However, with change
comes no small degree of challenge. If your computer is starting to
show its age, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s due for a
replacement or a costly upgrade. In fact, even modern high-spec
computers can get bogged down with junk files and unwanted processes
and programs after a while. It is completely normal, but that doesn’t
make it any less frustrating when you’re trying to get work done.
Common problems include clogged-up system registries, unused programs,
too many programs launching at startup and a jumble of unused files
left behind by programs you might have uninstalled years ago. Of
course, you can resolve all these problems yourself, at least in
theory. The problem is that it can take many hours, and there’s also
the risk of human error to think about. Make the wrong move, and you
might even end up with an unworkable machine.

Iolo seeks to resolve these problems with System Mechanic Free, a
complete PC tune-up tool that optimizes performance, boosts
reliability and fixes a multitude of common and not-so-common
computer-related issues.

Clean Up Your System Registry

The system registry is one of the core components of the Windows
operating system. It’s a vast database consisting of program and
operating system settings, such as details about patches, program
installations and much more. You can view it yourself by launching the
Regedit tool in Windows but, as you’ll see, it’s hardly very
user-friendly to the average computer user. Tampering with the
registry is highly risky as well, since changing the wrong setting or
deleting a critical registry key may even leave your computer unable
to boot or a critical program or driver unable to launch. As such,
only advanced users should ever make any modifications to the
registry, and even then, they won’t be able to optimize it manually
simply due to the enormous number of entries involved. System Mechanic
Free helps overcome this limitation by automatically cleaning out your
registry from unused or obsolete keys, such as those left behind by
uninstalled programs. It keeps the registry clean, thereby resolving
various performance- and reliability-related issues.

Optimize Your Storage Performance

Conventional hard drives remain popular for mass storage due to their
high capacities and low costs. However, they have some important
limitations over their much faster solid-state counterparts. Because
of all the moving parts involves, a single file can become fragmented
over different physical areas of the disk. This can greatly increase
loading times. Virtual memory can also become fragmented over time,
which can impact overall performance. System Mechanic Free resolves
these issues with its advanced capabilities for defragmenting the
disk, removing obsolete files and folders and more. It can also
automatically repair broken program shortcuts. For solid state drives,
given their relatively low capacities, the capability to remove junk
files and properly uninstall programs are also welcome features, since
they allow you to recover disk space in a matter of minutes. Download
the freeware version today at https://www.iolo.com/landing/smfree to
see find out how it can help renew your computer.

Author info:
Harold Jackson

Harold Jackson runs a chain of computer repair shops in which he
regularly uses tune-up software when refurbishing old computers.

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