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Unleash Your Creativity with Free Photo Editing Software

In the age of digital cameras, it might be easier than ever to snap a
quick photo in almost any everyday situation. The only problem is that
cameras, especially those on mobile devices, tend to take low-quality
images. Even the best photos taken from the best cameras still usually
need some work if they’re to be used in a professional publication.
Unfortunately, much of the mainstream photo editing software is
extremely expensive and really only suited to professionals who have
extensive experience working with such solutions. This presents a
major frustration for casual users who may be great at taking
pictures, but can’t justify paying the high fees wanted of the major
photo-editing solutions. Free photo editing software InPixio was
developed to give people the opportunity to unleash their creativity
and give their photos a professional touch without that expense.

Create amazing photos by adding special effects and filters

Few photos are taken in absolutely perfect conditions, no matter how
skilled the photographer might be. Sometimes, the weather conditions
just aren’t right, and nothing can ruin an otherwise perfect photo
faster than having too much sunshine or an overcast day. InPixio can
turn that around at the tap of a button, however, to give photos that
professional touch and turn otherwise dull images into something
excellent. Aside from everyday effects like changing the brightness
and contrast levels, you can choose form more than a hundred different
special effects and filters. Whether you want to add a vintage look to
your photos, make them black and white, invert the colors or give them
a more cinematic look, InPixio has you covered. Using the filters
couldn’t be easier either, since every effect is conveniently
categorized, and you can preview or enable them at the tap of a

Crop, customize and frame your masterpieces

InPixio provides the means to crop your photos either manually or by
using recommended suggestions. You can also adjust the size and angles
of your images at the press of a button. Customizing your photos by
adding text, changing color palettes or opacity is a quick and easy
process too. Once you’re done getting your photo to perfection, you
can choose from more than a hundred frames to give your masterpiece
the emphasis and finishing touch it deserves. The frames are
conveniently organized in a variety of styles. When you’ve chosen the
perfect frame, you can upload your favorite images to your social
networking accounts and share them with your friends. InPixio also
provides a wide range of more advanced photo editing functions, such
as customizable background textures. Best of all, the program is
completely free. Currently, there are 117 frames, 120 special effects,
66 textures and 16 tone sliders to choose from.

The InPixio free photo editing software offers an extensive range of
features without bombarding users with an excess of advanced and
confusing functions they’ll probably never need. The learning curve is
minimal, with the goal being to help you spruce up your photo
collection to get them ready for sharing on social media, your website
or for printing. Get started today by visiting
https://www.inpixio.com/free-photo-editor .

Author info:
Matt Summer

Matt Summer runs a small photo studio where he regularly uses free
photo editing software to give his projects those critical finishing

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