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Use business email more efficiently with MDaemon Messaging Server

The success of any business depends heavily on its ability to
communicate efficiently and streamline back-office routines. MDaemon
Messaging Server is more than just an email server bubble shooter. It provides
enterprise-grade features and functionality at an affordable price,
which is why it has been chosen by customers for more than two decades
already. It helps streamline everyday functions like collaboration and
communication, and it supports the three major email protocols – SMTP,
POP3 and IMAP. It provides a large feature set allowing for maximum
customization and configuration while retaining a high level of
performance and uptime. Since it is tailored to the needs of small- to
medium-sized businesses, it also offers a very affordable total cost
of ownership, and it supports multiple languages to make it suitable
for deployment in multilingual environments. It also includes
cutting-edge features like support for multiple email domains,
proactive web filtering, mailing lists and centralized

Lock down your business communications with enterprise-grade security

With businesses of all sizes and across all industries facing a
multitude of threats to their information security, it has never been
more important to stay one step ahead of criminals. Given how much
companies still rely on email, it’s imperative that your email server
is secure by design. This solution provides robust email security
complete with a fully customizable framework allowing you to adapt it
to your company needs and policies. The security features included are
IP shielding, relay controls, multifactor authentication, reverse
lookups and more. The email server can also encrypt all communications
on the client and server side, while administrators can implement
controls that allow them to automate the encryption, decryption and
key-management process using PGP support. To adhere to certain
industry compliance measures, such as those pertaining to document
retention, this solution also includes built-in email archiving bubble shooter.

Manage both employee- and company-owned mobile devices easily

Mobile technologies have completely transformed the modern workplace,
but the very fact they’re at a greatly increased risk of getting lost
or stolen often means they’re also one of the weakest links when it
comes to security. With more people checking their emails on mobile
devices than desktops, it is now imperative that you have full mobile
device management (MDM) that works with the rest of your systems.
MDaemon Messaging Server helps you protect, monitor and manage
company-owned mobile devices and enforce your organization’s bring
your own device (BYOD) policy. Thanks to the provision of integrated
MDM, administrators can easily keep track of who’s accessing their
email servers and from which device using a centralized dashboard.
This way, employees have access to the systems they need for work,
while security personnel can retain full audit trails and manage
mission-critical functions like emails, calendars, contacts and to-do

The MDaemon Messaging Server has just been updated to version 19.0.1.
Hosted e-mail options are now available with MDaemon Private Cloud.
There have also been many smaller changes, bug fixes and general
improvements. You can get started with this new solution by visiting
https://www.altn.com/Products/MDaemon-Email-Server-Windows/Features .

Author info:
Paul Clarke

Paul Clarke runs a small business IT department where he manages the
company’s access to core applications to email, calendars and

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