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Terms And Conditions

  • You are the author and sole creator of your submission.
  • Posting your work here at www.feedhook.com does not infringe the rights of any third party.
  • You grant to www.feedhook.com an unrestricted license in perpetuity to display your article at www.feedhook.com. If for some reason, your article needs to be removed, talk to us, we’re easy to get along with!
  • If this is a new article which has never been published elsewhere, we ask for a 30 day exclusive.
  • If you need to get it out to other sources, you are welcome to tease it anywhere as a short post with the first few sentences of your article (or an excerpt) and a ‘Read The Rest Of  The Article’  link back to the article at www.feedhook.com.
  • After 30 days, your article will remain in our archives and you can republish your work in it’s entirety wherever you want. All we ask for is that you include a link at the end of the article stating that it was first posted at www.feedhook.com with a link back to the original article.
  • If it’s something that you have already posted and want to re-post it here, that’s ok too. Just tell us the date it was originally posted, where, and a link to the original. We’ll add that attribution at the end.
  • While we do not pay for guest contributions, there is great value in exposing your work to our readership.
  • We do not accept advertorials.
  • FeedHook (www.feedhook.com) retains the right at its sole discretion to reject submissions which we feel are libelous, disrespectful of human rights, contain adult content, and/or content that is overtly commercial, racist, sexist or slanderous.


By submitting your article:

  • You declare that you are the sole owner and author of the article and own 100% of all copyrights pertaining to the article or have permission from the owner or author to submit the article to Self Improvement Online, Inc. You retain all rights and copyrights to your article. You may submit articles that have been published elsewhere.
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