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Many home and restaurant owners would prefer to invest in quality materials than second rate products. Had you ever had the feeling of getting ripped off by cookware sets that don’t seem to last very long? It’s time you purchase quality cookware and make the most of your money’s worth.

You don’t have to be an expert chef to identify cookware items that are of the highest quality. Here are four things you’ll need to know before purchasing any kitchenware items.


Cookware sets available on the market are made from various metals. There are unique cookware materials used like copper and aluminum that accelerate the cooking process. Some manufacturers use anodized aluminum cookware to prevent this reaction.

A very popular cookware material combination in higher quality cookware is the use of stainless steel with with a copper core. This provides excellent heat distribution for even cooking. Other makers use stainless steel with a copper bottom to achieve great results.

Cookware made of all copper (or mostly copper) material is also very popular for quality cooking, as it does not have some of the chemical reactions associated with other materials. Although copper is an expensive material cookware, this is the type that most professional cooks use for many cooking techniques. It conducts heat efficiently and evenly, so you’re assured that your food is cooked in entirety.

Aluminum is a material that is used in quality cookware, but only with certain applications. It is lightweight, and is best used as a core, or wrapped in another material such as stainless steel. The aluminum in the better cookware does not come in contact with food, as it tends to give food an “off” taste. This can be found in the cheapest of cookware, as all-aluminum pots and pans are inexpensive to make.

Cast iron cookware pieces are items you should have (at least 1 or 2 pieces) for your home. They work best for searing steaks and other foods that your standard cookware might not do as well. You just have to keep your cookware seasoned to prevent food from sticking and pitting.

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