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Migrate from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign with Q2ID

Whether it’s to improve efficiency and productivity or simply to enjoy
a change of scene, there are many reasons why designers might decide
to use a different program. However, transforming your virtual
workspace can be a major undertaking, particularly when you have many
years of documents that need to be moved over to the new system. There
is always the risk of losing important data during the transition and
then having to spend countless hours trying to get everything up and
running. We’ve all heard the common excuses of how a technology
upgrade didn’t go quite as well as intended, thus ending up in a much
worse situation than how it was before. For the sake of your workflow
efficiency, you need a plan that’s enabled by the right tools and
processes. For graphic designers wanting to make the move from
QuarkXPress to the industry-leading Adobe InDesign, Q2ID is the only
tool you’ll ever need.

Migrate to Adobe InDesign without the hassle

Q2ID is an add-on for Adobe InDesign that allows you to easily and
quickly import any projects created in QuarkXPress. It uses a powerful
conversion algorithm that exports all the important details in the
file without you needing to worry about lengthy manually processes or
data loss. Whether you are migrating from QuarkXPress to Adobe
InDesign or you regularly use both applications, Q2ID provides a
seamless interaction between the two, saving you a great deal of time
and hassle. It will help ensure that all the details in every project
are still there just as they were before the conversion. The extension
adds a new menu to Adobe InDesign where you can import your
QuarkXPress files with just a few clicks. It works with every edition
of Adobe InDesign from CC 2014 and upwards, including all of the most
recent editions. It also supports documents created in versions of
QuarkXPress as old as 4.0 and right up to 10.0, which means you can
convert up to 15 years’ worth of projects! Virtually every item will
be converted, regardless of the QuarkXPress version the original file
was created in. Converted objects include, but are not limited to,
tables, colors, layers, styles, linked text boxes, text attributes,
images, fonts and more.

Flexible pricing to suit your needs and budget

Rather than demanding a high fee up-front, Q2ID is also available with
a subscription-based purchase, which also means you will always be
running the latest version of the add-on for the duration of your
subscription. A subscription works better for most users, since it
offers them greater cost control. This flexible pricing plan also
makes Q2ID suitable for those who only have a handful of files to
convert and don’t want to spend a fortune on something they might not
use more than once or twice. You can choose between a one-year and a
permanent subscription depending on your needs. Considering the vast
amount of time Q2ID will save you when migrating from QuarkXPress to
Adobe InDesign or routinely working with both applications, that’s a
very small price to pay.

Get started today at https://markzware.com/products/q2id/

Author info:
Ian Hanes

Ian Hanes is a professional graphic designer who uses Adobe InDesign
and QuarkXPress for creating eye-catching marketing materials and
other publications.

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